QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) is a brain examination where we can understand dysfunctional patterns in the brain that correlate to a wide range of symptoms. We analyze the frequencies that are more or less predominant in the different areas of your brain so we can understand which transformational treatment is the best for your specific problem. We guide and assess all of our transformational programs by this exam.


Therapist: Francisco Marques Texeira



Brain scans into a color immersion to see which brain areas and symptoms you need to address so we can create a training program tailored to your needs.


Therapist: Francisco Marques Texeira




Under the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that human physiology is related to the holographic principle of the universe, all elements in nature are a repetition of images, that go from the micro to the macro, and vice versa.

The technique consists of influencing these graphic patterns through massage, pressure with the fingers, wooden instruments, magnets, electricity, and even light in the areas of the organs


Therapist: Joan Martinez


This is a therapeutic technique from traditional Chinese Medicine, that consists of a set of massages and pressures in the abdominal area, with the aim of stimulating the functions of the internal organs, as well as activating their regeneration processes, supported by pressure in certain cavities of acupuncture. This technique generates Full body detox • Revitalization of organs • Positively influences emotions • Stimulates the immune and endocrine system • Positively influences the circulatory system • Improves oxygenation of the body


Therapist: Joan Martinez


Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots (also known as "adhesions.")

Prior to the massage, you will experience a chromotherapy session in the Coocoon Pod. You will rebalance your mind and body immersing yourself into colours.


Therapist: Inez Aires


This type of massage is a technique developed by the therapist, in which she works your physical and spiritual body. It lasts 1h15 minutes. The technique consists of a combination of massage and reiki, making an energetic cleansing of your body. It is a very complete, beautiful, genuine massage, in which there is an exchange between the patient and the therapist.


Therapist: DianaPires


Bodywork of manifold traditions, within the traditional alternative and modern bio-medicine. By re-structuring the energetic body flow, updating the bio-energetical software, recognizing and optimizing tensions in the different bodies and organs, scar tissue clearing, nervous disorders, screening and sorting of a crisis situation, accompaniment of transition processes, just to mention a few, Slowling approach molds energy medicine with the refinement of self-perception and self-development in it’s entirety. 


Therapist: Zenjai Revati


Iridology consultation: the eyes say a lot about health! It is the examination and analysis of the iris, to determine factors. Important for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Studies the relationship between the different brands observed in Irises and the changes that occur in our body.


Therapist: Jose Maria Amaral



Facial acupuncture is also known as the new facelift! With no side effects, it treats the body with great respect, gentleness, from the inside out. In addition to a feeling of relaxation, facial acupuncture acts to reduce expression lines and wrinkles, it improves skin texture and brightness and it reduces dark circles, spots and acne. The needles are placed on the face for 20 minutes. After being removed, a facial massage is performed. The kobido massage means "old way of beauty" and has the effect of preventing or smoothing out wrinkles, fighting facial flabbiness, lifting facial expression and lightening the skin.


Therapist: Diana Pires




Naturopathy consultations are guided by a therapist trained in complementary medicine. Thus, naturopathy focuses on the general well-being of the person, respecting the individuality of each patient, focusing on the prevention and regeneration of various diseases. Naturopaths, strongly believe in integrative medicine and cooperate with all other branches of medicine, sending patients to other therapists or doctors for diagnoses and/or treatments when indicated.


Therapist: Jose Maria Amaral


A Clinical Neurofeedback is an immersive self-learning session where you can reduce symptoms like anxiety, negative thoughts, compulsions, impulsivity, ADHD, hyperactivity, and sleep problems. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can measure, translate and retrieve back to you how your brain is working in real-time so you can auto-regulate your brain states to reduce your symptoms.


Therapist: Francisco Marques Texeira


Based on chromotherapy mycoocoon combines ancestral beliefs with cutting-edge technology. Each colour has its own role, coming together to create a moment of relaxation, with sounds and aromas to enhance the experience. mycoocoon is Ideal for Seasonal Disease - Triggers power napping - Enables relaxation - Recovers from jet lag - Allows meditation - Provides vital energy.


Therapist: mycoocoon


The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel. This term is used in the East to refer to energy centers scattered throughout the body. Each of these seven centers influences and is related to each of the physical, organic, biochemical, emotional, behavioral functions of the human being. Chakra therapy aims to: clean, harmonize and enhance, through different techniques.  

NOTE: It is important after the therapy to take some time, even if it is short, to be calm and if possible with yourself.


Therapist: Joan Martinez


A peculiar characteristic of this massage technique is that the therapist uses different parts of his body to perform the maneuvers; exerting pressure, stretching, and tapping with the hands and their different parts (fingers, knuckles, edge of the hand, back of the hand, wrist) and also with the elbows, arms, as well as the knees, hips and even the feet. Plus the use of pressure with the fingers, or traditional devices on the cavities or acupuncture points.


Therapist: Joan Martinez


Sobada Maya is an ancestral healing technique  and traditional massage from the Mayan Culture. It works only the abdominal region and it is a highly effective healing modality that is used for a wide range of pathologies and it brings balance back to the body: physical, emotional and energetic. The abdomen is our power center. For many women and men, there is trauma stored in our whole body. Reconnecting to our body and listening to it allows us to heal.

Prior to the massage you will experience a chromotherapy session in the Coocoon Pod. You will rebalance your mind and body immersing yourself into colours.


Therapist: Inez Aires


Take care of your physical, mental and emotional body, through this ancient medicine. The first consultation lasts 1h30. The following sessions will take 1 hour. The needles are placed for 20 minutes in specific regions of the body, acting on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins, in order to normalize and restore the normal functioning of the body.

In a comfortable and relaxed environment, a well-structured diagnosis is made, through conscious conversation with the patient. Acupuncture is used in the most diverse ways to treat any type of pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, acne, eczema, gastritis, constipation, low back pain, sciatica, tendinitis and gynaecological problems.



Therapist: Diana Pires


Transformational Yoga® is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded and created by SRI Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master.


Therapist: Inez Aires


It is an innovative quantum device that, after measuring the frequencies of the body, sends them back to rebalance or neutralize maladjusted patterns, interacting at the level of the various bodies, from the densest, (physical) to the most subtle, (emotional, mental). Can be detected• Allergies • Toxicity • Fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses • State of systems, organs, muscles, bones • Emotional and mental blocks. Lack of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, enzymes


Therapist: Jose Maria Amaral


Intense and powerful full-body massage that lasts 1 hour. Lipomodelling is a proven modeling massage, with a great impact on fat reduction. Modeling drainage techniques are applied that stimulate the adipose tissue, remodeling in the direction of better distribution of this layer, destroying the localized fats and forcing the tissue to reorganize itself.

Lipomodelling brings a lot of benefits to the body, which are: it reduces localized fat (loses measurements right after the first session); tones the body promoting detox and reduces sagging; reduces stretch marks; strengthens the immune system; revitalizes body tissues; eliminates dead cells; improves the functioning of the body and modulates the body


Therapist: Diana Pires


The homeopathic doctor does not only research the symptoms of the disease. He needs to understand how the individual's pathologies arise and develop. In the consultation, he asks questions about habits, food, reactions to the climate, characteristics of sleep and dreams, mood, fears, temperament, and everything that can interfere with health. In homeopathic treatment, the doctor seeks to individualize the person and not the disease. Thus, for the same disease in several patients, each of them can receive a different medicine.

The remedies can be of vegetable, mineral, or animal origin. They are administered in diluted and dynamized doses prepared using an exclusive technique of recognized homeopathic pharmacies.


Therapist:  Jose Maria Amaral


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